A blog by Colorist Factory

A blog by Colorist Factory

The Witcher Color Grading in Premiere Pro

Cracking the Witcher’s Color Grading in Premiere Pro with free Cinematic LUTS presets

Color grading has been a crucial aspect of the Witcher series. The deep shadows hints the dark cinematic world of the Witcher world. The Witcher …

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Download our Free Digital Remaster 4K Anamorphic Lens Flares Pack

Colorist Factory has bundled 9 – 4K Anamorphic Lens Flares. Remastered for digital videos and motion graphics projects.

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Recreating End of the Fu*king World Film look WITH FREE LUTS

We worked around to break down the look into standard repeatable process, requiring us to experiment on different elements of…

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How we recreated Joker’s cinematic look with our free LUTs

Todd Phillip’s Joker not only depicts an amazing character development. But the cinematography and color grading is on the point in conveying tone of the film. If you’re wondering how to get the Joker look in premiere pro, we’ve got you covered with our Joker LUT ( Bellart LUT & Blakehope LUT actually)

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Decoding cinematics : Atomic Blonde look

Looking to recreate a Hollywood-level action sequence in you next short? Need help with finalizing color grade? We’ve got you covered with our “Detroit” LUT. Detroit LUT helps you get a super cinematic and moody color grade. The LUT is inspired by a 2017 Hollywood blockbuster “Atomic Blonde”. Take a look at it & we’ll see how to recreate this look in Premiere Pro.

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QUICK skin tones fix for Premiere Pro users

No matter what look you’re after, skin tones are a crucial area of any color grade. Specially when you are working with strong creative LUTs it is really important to take care that the LUT settings don’t overpower the skin tones. In this blog, let’s discuss a basic rule of thumb to get your skin tones right on track after a heavy color grading process. And that rule is that all skin-tones should lie in the following region on the color wheel.

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How to get Peaky Blinders cinematic look in Premiere Pro

Alright, you saw Peaky Blinders recently and you fell in love with the series. But what also impressed you was also how moody colors felt in the series. You decided to recreate the look for you next project. You started looking Hollywood LUTs, and cinematic color grading tutorials, and eventually you stumbled upon this blog post.

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