Color grading is a crucial aspect of the Witcher series. The deep shadows hints the dark cinematic world of the Witcher world. The Witcher look is complicated, and hence cannot be recreated by just applying cinematic LUTS. Especially while recreating such color grade in premiere pro using cinematic LUTs, there are other factors that need to be taken care of. 

To recreate this color grading in premiere pro, we used a combination of preset and our LUTs which we renamed as The Witcher LUTS. The Witcher LUT pack includes 1 preset and 10 LUT variations. The Witcher looks into 3 time based LUTS, Day LUT, Morning LUT, and Indoor or Night LUT. That’s because a single LUT cannot serve the purpose of recreating looks of an entire film or series. The preset is made up of a combination of bleach bypass look and grain emulation. Let’s see how we can achieve this cinematic look using our Witcher film LUT pack. 

Let's begin!

Step 1: Add an adjustment layer on top of the video layer. Import “Witcher CF” preset and apply it on the adjustment layer.
Step 2: Disable adjustment layer. Apply Lumetri Panel on video layer. Use HSL to select skin tones. Refine skin tones selection. Finally enable the adjustment layer.
Step 3: Observe the tint of skin tone after enabling adjustment layer. Use midtones slider under HSL to move it in the opposite direction on the color wheel.
Step 4: Finally shift shadows towards red to add impact of blood flow.
You have recreated the Witcher Color Grading in premiere pro!

Another example

A perfect second example would be an indoor shot. In this case we’re gonna apply “ Witcher Day". Do remember to fix skin tones after color grading the shot using the preset.


That’s how you achieve The Witcher look. One thing that should be clear at this point is that LUTS by no means are a shortcut to achieving any grade. That’s why we created LUTs divided by different types of shot settings. We always recommend investing in LUTS that give you a comprehensive variety ( without compromising on quality and sophistication ), we're pleased that our own LUTS live up to this motto especially in today's market where terms like "CINEMATIC LUTS" are loosely thrown around. If you want to check out our LUTS, they are on our homepage.

Video tutorial

Here's the step by step video tutorial for The Witcher Cinematic Look. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more tips and tricks on color grading.


  • Witcher CF Preset File
  • Witcher Day LUT
  • Witcher Day V2 LUT
  • Witcher Day V3 LUT
  • Greens Desaturation LUT
  • Greens Desaturation V2 LUT
  • Witcher Morning LUT
  • Witcher Morning V3 LUT
  • Witcher Indoor LUT
  • Witcher Indoor V2 LUT
  • Witcher Indoor V3 LUT
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