Color Breakdown: James Bond 2020 color grading (with free LUTS)

When it comes to visual aesthetics like color grading and set designs, recent bond movies have been a complete game changer for the franchise.


When it comes to visual aesthetics like color grading and set designs, recent bond movies have been a complete game changer for the franchise. That’s why we decided to break down tone palette of the James Bond’s upcoming 2020 film “No time to die” (using our free LUTs).

We’re using 2 free Premiere pro LUTs for breaking down the look. Beige Space LUT & Stinchar LUT, collectively named as “No time to die” LUTs. “Beige Space” for day time shot and “Sinchar” Indoor shots.  Both of these are a part of our Bundle pack. Which includes LUTs based on our proprietary color science and shot settings. We’ve been recreating all modern film looks out there with our Bundle pack. From blockbusters such as Joker, to arthouse films like call me by your name! 

Let's get started

1)  Add a lumetri panel on top of the video. Then, under the creative section we will apply “Beige space LUT”. Adjust Intensity of LUT according to your requirements. Next, we have to fix skin tones.

2) Add another lumetri layer on top of the color grading layer. Inside it’s HSL selection tab, use color picker to select our skin color. Refine the skin tones selection. Click on 3-Wheel Icon and shift shadows towards red. This will create an impact of blood flow in the skin. And you have successfully recreated No Time To Die’s look inside premiere pro!

Note: Incase, it is an Indoor shot, apply Stinchar LUT.

Video tutorial

Here’s the step by step video tutorial for No time to die LUTs. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more tips and tricks on color grading.

Play Video


We’re glad that we were easily able to reproduce the cinematic look of No time to die, 2020 with our  Premium Bundle assets. As we always recommend investing in LUTS that give you a comprehensive variety ( without compromising on quality and sophistication ), we’re pleased that our own LUTS live up to this motto. Our LUTs are based on time-based shot study, and we won’t shy away from the fact that it might be something that is way ahead of traditional presets approach that the current market has to offer. You can check them out here.



Likewise, if you’re looking for some serious color grading inspiration, check out our Instagram. It’s a treasure trove of cinematic images. A diverse selection of visually appealing photos is made available to you courtesy of our team. Think of this as an increase in the number of mood boards to use as inspiration for your own work. Follow us on Instagram at “colorist.factory.”


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