Film Emulation LUT (2024)

Original Scene Referred LUTs for practical Film Emulation.

Film emulation LUT in True sense (DWG)

Elevate your footage to cinematic splendor with our meticulously designed film emulation LUTs, inspired by the legendary Kodak Vision3 500T film stock. Crafted for filmmakers and colorists aiming for the pinnacle of authenticity and precision, these LUTs offer a transformative experience, meticulously replicating the distinctive look and feel of the iconic Kodak Vision3 500T.

Our LUTs are engineered for a seamless workflow, accepting and outputting in DaVinci Wide Gamut, ensuring that the integrity and dynamic range of your footage are preserved. Experience the rich, nuanced colors, the deep, emotive contrasts, and the timeless grain texture that have made Kodak Vision3 500T a staple in cinematic storytelling.

Before After
Expected Color Space: Davinci Wide Gamut
Output Color Space: Davinci Wide Gamut
Before After
Expected Color Space: Davinci Wide Gamut
Output Color Space: Davinci Wide Gamut

Designed to stand out

Our film emulation LUTs stand apart in the crowded market of color grading tools through their unwavering commitment to mathematical precision and true scene-referred design. Unlike standard LUTs that often approximate the look of film through subjective adjustments, our LUTs are the result of rigorous analysis and replication of film stock characteristics, ensuring that the transformation of digital footage to filmic quality is not only visually accurate but mathematically true to the source material. This meticulous approach guarantees that each LUT not only emulates the aesthetic of Kodak Vision3 500T with astonishing accuracy but also preserves the integrity and intention behind every frame.

Moreover, our LUTs redefine flexibility in color grading. By truly being scene-referred, they maintain a high degree of adaptability regarding input and output color spaces. This unique characteristic means they are designed to work flawlessly within a wide range of color workflows, particularly excelling in environments that utilize DaVinci Wide Gamut. Such versatility ensures that regardless of the original footage’s color space, our LUTs can be seamlessly integrated, offering unparalleled creative freedom and fidelity. This level of adaptability and accuracy sets our film emulation LUTs in a class of their own, providing filmmakers and colorists with tools that are not only technically superior but infinitely expressive.

Before After
Expected Color Space: Davinci Wide Gamut
Output Color Space: Davinci Wide Gamut

Precision-Crafted Film LUTs


Precision-Crafted Film LUTs + Film Grain


Tutorials & FAQs

Step 1: Applying Input Color Space Transformation (CST In)

Right-click on the first node and select ‘Color Space Transform’.
Set the ‘Input Color Space’ to match your camera profile (e.g., ARRI Wide Gamut 4) and ‘Input Gamma’ (e.g., ARRI LogC4).
Set the ‘Output Color Space’ and ‘Output Gamma’ to DaVinci Wide Gamut and DaVinci Intermediate, respectively.

Step 2: Applying the Film LUT

Right-click on the second node (the Film LUT node).
Go to ‘LUTs’ and navigate to the folder where you stored your LUTs.
Select the LUT you wish to apply (e.g., Filmblade Film (Base)).

Step 3: Applying Output Color Space Transformation (CST Out)

Right-click on the third node and select ‘Color Space Transform’.
Set the ‘Input Color Space’ to DaVinci Wide Gamut and ‘Input Gamma’ to DaVinci Intermediate (matching the output from CST In).
Choose your desired ‘Output Color Space’ and ‘Output Gamma’ for delivery (e.g., Rec.709 and Gamma 2.4).

Step 4: Adjusting the LUT

With the LUT applied, you can now adjust its intensity by changing the Key Output Gain in the Key panel.
Make further color adjustments as needed to achieve the desired look.


A1: Film emulation LUTs (Look-Up Tables) are digital tools designed to transform the color and tonal characteristics of digital footage to mimic the look of specific film stocks, such as Kodak Vision3 500T. They are used in color grading to achieve a cinematic look in digital video projects.

Our LUTs are distinguished by their mathematically precise emulation and true scene-referred design, offering unmatched flexibility in input and output color spaces. This ensures accurate, consistent filmic looks that are adaptable to various color workflows, especially excelling with DaVinci Wide Gamut environments

Yes, our LUTs are compatible with leading color grading software, including DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and more. They are designed for seamless integration into your existing workflow.

Absolutely. Our LUTs are truly scene-referred, meaning they’re highly flexible and can be used effectively with footage shot in a wide range of profiles, including LOG, Rec.709, and more, ensuring the best possible conversion to the filmic look you desire. All you have to do is the input color space in and output color space. 

Installation may vary slightly depending on your software. Generally, you’ll download the LUT files and import them into your color grading software’s LUT folder or library. Consult your software’s help guide for specific instructions.

Yes, once applied, you can adjust the intensity or opacity of the LUT in your color grading software to fine-tune the look to match your creative vision.

Being “mathematically true” means that our LUTs are created based on precise mathematical models that accurately replicate the colorimetry and tonal response of film stocks. This ensures that the emulation is not only visually appealing but also consistent and reliable across different shots and projects, providing a true filmic aesthetic.

As our film emulation LUTs are digital products delivered instantly upon purchase, we are unable to offer refunds. This policy is in place because digital products cannot be physically returned once they are downloaded. We encourage our customers to carefully review the product descriptions and requirements before purchasing. If you encounter any issues or have questions about using the LUTs, our support team is available to provide assistance and ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Please contact us for support or guidance at any stage of your experience.