Ultimate Colorist
Vol. 3

Stress-tested, tone-perfected Time-Based LUTs and Power Grades for Colorists and Filmmakers.

Inspiration & Motive

The majority of films made on film up to this point have been reprinted on a very particular film stock before being released. The 2383 Kodak Stock is used to print all of the films shown in the following illustration. All three images, while displaying a distinct mood (in terms of color), have the general appearance and features of Kodak 2383 Print Film Stock, despite the fact that they were taken at separate times. In the course of dissecting the appearance, we not only looked at the film stock samples, but we also looked at all of the films printed on 2383 Stock with great attention to detail.

Tree of life, Dir. Terrance Mallik
Cinematography: Emmanuel Lubezki
Colorist: Bryan McMahan
The Revenant, Dir: Alejandro González Iñárritu
Cinematography: Emmanuel Lubezki
Color: Loren White
Dune (2021), Dir. Denis Villeneuve
Cinematography: Greig Fraser
Colorist: Dave Cole

What are time-based LUTs?

The “time-based” image processing algorithm underpins the 108 LUTs included in Ultimate Colorist Toolkit 3.0 (UCT). Our proprietary information-processing algorithm deeply understands Recursive real-world film patterns. Our LUTs have been methodically constructed into four unique categories based on the patterns. No matter how little experience you have with color grading, UCT is likely to provide you with a substantial boost in productivity.

Our primary LUTs are divided into four categories: Sunlight, Sundown, Dusk, and inside. Kodak and Fuji Film Negative LUTs, 3 Powerful Davinci Resolve Power Grades, and Minimal LUTs are two new categories in version 3.0, which expands our current offering. As an added bonus, the Film Textures Pack Upgrade is included as well.

Before After
Expected Color Space: Standard Rec 709
Sphere LUT from "Contemporary Tonal" Category
Expected Color Space: Standard Rec. 709
Fetaured LUTs: Time-based & Contemporary Tonal
Featured Grain: 35mm Fine texture & 16mm Coarse texture.


Jeff LochEditor, CineD
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LUTs are available depending on your footage and lighting conditions, including separate LUTs for day shot, evening shot, nighttime shot, and shots with artificial lighting. This is pretty clever and something you don’t see quite often.
Lion El AtonFounder, Filmcrux
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Whether you’re a color grading beginner or a seasoned vet, Colorist Factory should be your go-to place for LUTs. You’d be hard-pressed to find better, high-quality LUTs and film grains anywhere on the internet. Trust us, we’ve looked.
Usman DawoodEditor, Fstoppers
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I've actually already spent a little time testing the LUT on some of my own footage and I have to say the results are very good. Although I will continue to learn and develop my color grading skills, using these types of LUTs in the meantime is extremely useful.
Charlie HuntFilmmaker
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They don't just make generic LUTS that are supposed to work on every footage. They have understood the way Light works, and anytime I am doing a cinematic shot I tend to use their LUTs because it's much easier than trying to work it out myself. I can do it myself, but using their LUTs cuts the time in HALF!
Taylor HanleyFounder, Formats Film
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Colorist factory LUTs are a great option for any of your projects! With the packages broken down by different times of the day it makes them even easier to use with less post adjustments. Overall highly recommended!
D AddisonFilmmaker
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This was so much more helpful than all of these other YouTubes who throw LUTs online for you. Showing it in action and how it's not a click cures all really really sold this for me. Thank you!
Expected Color Space: Standard Rec 709
Sanford LUT from "Sundown" Category

What distinguishes these?

LUTs, which are tossed around in the name of “cinematic,” are made by grading a single shot and applying them to another shot. This implies that if you try to apply it to a new shot, it’s not a stretch to believe that you’ll fail to get that “cinematic” aesthetic. As a result, we developed LUTS that are dependant on the time of day.

Our assumption is straightforward: the detail distribution of daylight pictures, evening shots, and night shots remains consistently homogenous over a wide range of cameras, locations, and budgets, respectively. Using this basic reasoning, we split LUTs into four groups based on the time of day: Sunlight LUTs, Sundown LUTs, Dusk LUTs, and Lucent LUTs. Lucent LUTs are crafted for scenes shot under artificial lighting. 

Before After
Before: Standard Rec. 709
Sphere LUT from Minimal Category
Grain: 35mm fine texture.

Film Grades & Textures (from Vol. 2)

Additionally, the Kodak & Fuji LUTs and film textures from Volume 2 are also included in this purchase.

Expected Color Space: Standard Rec 709
Alyn LUT from "Lucent" Category
Grain: 16mm Ultra-fine texture

What's new in
Vol. 3?

In order to make sense of FilmForever’s large number of Power Grades, let’s take a closer look at what’s offered. There are four grade styles at the primary level: 2383 Rebuild, 2383 Creative, 2383 3-Strip, and 2383 Technical. Let’s examine each style in further detail.

LUT Refine and Stress Test

This is by far the simplest re-build of the 2383 LUT. A really robust starting point if you are aiming for a minimal grade with minimal effort. You can manipulate the 2383 core grade itself to your liking within the building blocks of the Power Grade.

New “Contemporary Tonal” LUTs

This grade is the same as the base “2383 Rebuild” along with a “creative” node in the initial blocks. This node shifts the entire palette to a much more modern-minimal film color palette.

Kodak & Fujifilm LUTs from Vol. 2

Kodak & Fujifilm Film Negative LUTs from last year’s 2021 kit have now been upgraded to be used with Film Print Emulation Kit, FilmForever™, while still offering the native film palettes for standard Rec 709 footages.  

Film Textures from 2021

4K 8mm, 16mm, 35mm & 8K 35mm, premium film grain textures .mov files made by capturing original film stocks on high-end cameras and remastered to be used digitally. This was added in 2021, volume 2, and has been carried onto volume 3.

Before After
Expected Color Space: Standard Rec 709
Surreal LUT from "Contemporary Tonal" Category

Ultimate Colorist Toolkit, Vol. 3


Usual Price: $129

Colorist Toolkit (3.0)
+ Power Curves


Usual Price: $268

Colorist Toolkit (3.0)
+ FilmForever™ PFE Grades, Vol. 2
+ Power Curves


Usual Price: $342


  • Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Davinci Resolve
  • After Effects
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Wondershare Filmora
  • Sony Vegas
  • Lightroom


Designed to help you recreate looks from: Birdman, Crawl, Dark Knight Rises, Detroit, Girl with the Dragon tattoo, Honey Boy, IT Chapter 2, Jojo Rabbit, Night Crawler, Once upon a time in Hollywood, Seven, Shazam, The curious case of Benjamin Button, The Irishman, The King, The Revenant, US and many more.

4K Premium Film Grain textures .mov files made by capturing original film stocks on high-end cameras and remastered to be used digitally. Available in 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm ranging from the coarse, fine, and medium texture.

We have included the right LOG to Rec 709 Conversion LUTs for each camera in the utility folder Including LUTs for Canon C-Log, Canon Cinestyle, Sony Slog 2, Sony Slog 3, Panasonic V-Log, Panasonic Cine-D, GoPro Protune, DJI D-Log, Fujifilm F-Log, All Black Magic (Including BMPCC 4k), Alexa Log- C, RedLogFilm, RedLog.

After a successful payment, a download link will be sent to your email address You can use that download link to access the file from anywhere in the world. Download link will give you access to a .zip file . In case you need any clarity on any related topics, feel free to contact us at austin@coloristfactory.com !

This product is a result of hundreds of hours of efforts and has been in development for more than a year. We can’t offer a complete refund. But we can offer a partial refund of up to 50%*

Everything you need to know about LUTs, click here!