World's First time-based LUT Bundle

Inspired by brilliant works of filmmakers pushing boundaries of modern cinema. Encoded using time-based algorithm, way ahead of traditional market LUTs/Filters.

What's Inside

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Time based algorithm LUTS

132 brilliant proprietary color science LUTs. Each LUT is carefully engineered after analyzing recursive patterns of real world footage data. Our sophisticated color science guarantees a dramatic improvement in your color grading workflow.

Daytime LUTS For shots involving direct Sunlight
Sundown LUTS For evening/early morning footage
Dusk LUTS For shots involving no Sunlight
Indoor LUTS For shots involving artificial lighting

OKAY, What else DO I GET?

Designed to help you recreate looks from: Birdman, Crawl, Dark Knight Rises, Detroit, Girl with the Dragon tattoo, Honey Boy, IT Chapter 2, Jojo Rabbit, Night Crawler, Once upon a time in Hollywood, Seven, Shazam, The curious case of Benjamin Button, The Irishhman, The King, The Revenant, US and many more.

Download 4K Premium Film Grain textures .mov files made by capturing original film stocks on high end cameras and remastered to be used digitally. Available in 8mm, 16mm and 35mm ranging from coarse, fine and medium texture.

We have included the right LOG to Rec 709 Conversion LUTs for each camera in the utility folder Including LUTs for Canon C-Log, Canon Cinestyle, Sony Slog 2, Sony Slog 3, Panasonic V-Log, Panasonic Cine-D, GoPro Protune, DJI D-Log, Fujifilm F-Log, All Black Magic (Including BMPCC 4k), Alexa Log- C, RedLogFilm, RedLog.

Colorist factory 108 Signature LUTs [$74] + 24 LUTs Inspired by Blockbuster color palettes [$32] + 4K Grain 8mm, 16mm & 35mm in medium, coarse and fine textures [$89]

They say it better than us

LUTs are available depending on your footage and lighting conditions, including separate LUTs for day shot, evening shot, nighttime shot, and shots with artificial lighting. This is pretty clever and something you don’t see quite often.

Jeff Loch, Cinema5D

Whether you’re a color grading beginner or a seasoned vet, Colorist Factory should be your go-to place for LUTs. You’d be hard-pressed to find better, high-quality LUTs and film grains anywhere on the internet. Trust us, we’ve looked.

Lion El Aton, Filmcrux

I've actually already spent a little time testing the LUT on some of my own footage and I have to say the results are very good. Although I will continue to learn and develop my color grading skills, using these types of LUTs in the meantime is extremely useful.

Usman Dawood, Fstoppers

They don't just make generic LUTS that are supposed to work on every footage. They have understood the way Light works, and anytime I am doing a cinematic shot I tend to use their LUTs because it's much easier than trying to work it out myself. I can do it myself, but using their LUTs cuts the time in HALF!

Charlie Hunt, Filmmaker

Colorist factory LUTs are a great option for any of your projects! With the packages broken down by different times of the day it makes them even easier to use with less post adjustments. Overall highly recommended!

Taylor Hanley, Formats Film

This was so much more helpful than all of these other YouTubes who throw LUTs online for you. Showing it in action and how it's not a click cures all really really sold this for me. Thank you!

D Addison, Filmmaker

As an Editor I'm glad I found your LUTs 🙂

Joshua Bellis, Film Editor

Colorist Factory Premium LUT Bundle & 4K Grain (Digital Remaster)

Download links will be sent via email. Time based LUTs: 75MB | Bonus Hollywood Look Recreations: 15MB | 4k Digital Remaster Grain: 4.3 GB. 

Total file size : 4.4 GB

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Problem with LUTS

LUTs that are thrown around in the name of “cinematic” are created by grading a single shot. Which means when you apply it on a different shot, it’s no rocket science that you going to fail in achieving that “cinematic” look.

Hence we created LUTS based on hour of day.

Our solution.

In simpler terms, detail distribution of daytime shots, evening shots & night shots remains respectively homogeneous throughout different camera, location and budget. Using this simple logic, we divided LUTs into different categories based on hour of the day.